when a design ‘rockstar’ does Coke, do they choose diet, cafeeine free, or live on the edge with regular?

if a design ‘rockstar’ is dating a female design ‘rockstar,’ does that mean he’s doing heroine?

Is a design ‘rockstar’ with 20 gigs to fill a triple entendré?

Actually, if anyone who is NOT a rockstar attends a gathering WITH rockstars, that makes them a default ‘special guest!’ ok, not bad.

If I’m a paid designer that is NOT a rockstar, does that make me indie?

If I attend an event with design ‘rockstars’, does that make me a groupie?

Do graphic design ‘rockstars’ trash hotel rooms after designing brochures?

Graphic design is to ‘rockstar’ what a dictionary is to street-cred.

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