No warning sign, no alibi
We're fading faster than the speed of light
Took a chance, crashed and burned

Made our choice, trial by fire

If I could end the quest for fire
For truth and love and my desire

And I'd fell apart...


it all started when she discovered that she could pull off faking self confidence. it was kind of a major turning point for her, since all her life she practically was one to hide and be invisible.

you know, she had this crazy idea that in a shiny moment she could have the zsa-zsa-zoom, more sex and more city than she could ever have imagined. so she walked into the room with her big bag and leather jacket with sleeves too large for her frame, hoping that her attempt of a pin-up eye make-up would do, barring her uncreative hippie ideas to complete strangers that would become her golden gods and smiling the most awkward smile you've ever seen. yep, she was determined to be all that make believe, and I don't know in which wild moment she did it, maybe when she walked out of the room and returning home all that she could hear in her head was that "don't cha" PCD song or the same night when the telephone rang. well, the final breakdown put her in her place, but not her alter ego, which had already made friends.

so, more and more often she would leave her sluggish self at home and she would become this full of energy person that she loved being. so the beautiful kids started to finally notice her. she never knew if she was doing it for them or for her, but that kinda life started to grow on her.

and there was this moment when she walked out disappointed and with no expectations at all, and the crowd started to actually scream and cheer just for her and she felt like crying, partly because she realized the relativity of it all. so this new self, pushed her onto another stage a few months after, on which she could totally unleash her wilderness. and man, was that a moment to die for. how do I know that? because I was there...