Anyway, when I was there,

I came across this statue of a Greek goddess in marble.

Aphrodi... Aphrodite, something like that.

Beautiful, she was.

Perfect female form.

Chiseled features.


I stood in awe of her.

Finally, I'm walking past it,

and on the way I notice, in the side of this Greek goddess,

all these cracks, chips, imperfections.

Ruined her for me.

Well, that's her.

A beautiful sculpture...

...damaged... a way you don't notice till you get too close.


So, Karla's Closet was the first fashion blog I ever read. I was running my own sort of thing when I discovered it and I was amazed by this beautiful lady's wardrobe. Especially the blazers. :)

After a while, I kinda got tired of the same poses. An ex-model said in a tutorial for wannabes that a model should have a few poses that she knew she looked good in, in case that @ a photoshoot she got nervous, so she could fall back on them.

And I was in a park near me, which I visited like three times since I got here, in Wonderland.

And my mind went off to the lovely Mrs. Derass.

And I started making fun of her poses. Here's a sneak peek...

Uhm... enjoy (?!)