i'm twenty fucking one years old!!! yes, i've got 21 guns and i'm gonna kill you with kindness. happy b. to all of you and thank you for heroically enduring my moods and lack of expressed feelings.

and about that, what's the use?

if he's cute and gorgeous, like i like 'em, he's a jerk.

if he is smart, he's limited spiritually.

if he's older and wiser, he won't look at twentysomething chicks.

oh, by the wayyyy, got glasses today! so i can finally wear red lipstick in the midday.

and one final thing i know u're dying to know :-D

yes, i am finally over beautiful emotional-rollercoaster-rides-giving unavailable sons of bitches. yep, this is my b-day resolution.

but anyway i just wanted to say i feel

fucking young

and free

and beautiful and i wanna be 21 like forever.

like... for...ever!!!

i feeeel like making my own fucking movie

and starring in it

and just be gorgeous

and not care if i'm totally being a narcissistic bitch right now

and just play my part really good to show that i can

and be the whole fucking reason you stare my way

and as steve tyler would say

honeyyyy, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

i'm 21!

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