well, this morning i missed another exam, but i had the cutest dream ever. well i was with some beautiful kids i know in a train and than we landed in a really big epoque house like the ones in gossip girl and i was messing around with someone and i felt really guilty 'cause i felt the other kids looking not so nice at me and being disappointed and i was thinking that i don't do the same mistakes again what the hell... i really don't and then a girl announced that a boy would get married to a girl i didn't like but she talked to me like it was really a joke and i was kinda relieved but then everyone was crowding around him and started congratulating him and i thought what if that's true and i became really sad and when i looked at his face i saw no emotions he just looked at me and it kinda was painful but thank god i woke up in a garden and i wondered around until a subway cafe where i met that first friend and told me the other kids were coming and i was so happy that the first frame was just a dream and i was so fucking happy with them all smiling and having fun and then the guy supposed to get married came along and he laughed so hard when i told him what i had dreamed and then i woke up again in a beautiful pair of arms in my college class and i could most certainly recognize that person 'cause it's a kid close to my taste and i decided not to tell the dream again just to sit and shut the hell up and then i felt my breathing evening and it felt nice as the sun was shining on my face across the big windows and then i finally woke up in my bed. but i think it's a subconscious riot of my ego :)

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