happy easter, my loves (yeah, you!, do you see anyone else there?!)!

i kinda broke my new years resolution a while back now (twice.), so i'm gonna start this again.

+ i've added 2 more for good measure. as beautifully put by penelope cruz in vanilla sky, every livin' breathin' minute is a chance of change.
  1. stop smoking
  2. stop loving (where the fuck has WS gone?)
  3. stop feeling like a l0ser
so don't you dare bitch about the settings to come.

new moon me

ps: i didn't forget about that smth special i promised, it is soon to come. sooner than the last time i said that tomorrow (mwhahah)

pps: the bunny is jared leto. he's also a doctor and a freak. but i've talked about this before.

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